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Product Design & Engineering

We help your business seize advantage through strategic innovation. We work with you to exploit new ideas and new technologies, and develop profitable products and strategies to help you stay ahead of the game. With a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technologies, digital experts and designers, we can offer world-class product development expertise.

We combine this with clear commercial insight – we’ve been helping businesses find ways to profit from technology and innovation for more than 20 years.

And we apply exceptional cross-sector insight to your challenges too. We can bring you ideas from many different industries to help you discover smarter solutions faster.

Here’s what we can help you do:
  • Get better results from your investment in innovation and R&D
  • Including getting your organization in the right shape to innovate successfully
  • Understand which technologies have the potential to benefit your business
  • Making sure your technology resources match your business strategy
  • Develop desirable new products and services – at pace
  • From generating concepts to delivering the finished article
  • Reinvent your manufacturing capability and processes
  • So that you can manufacture new products more efficiently and get them to market faster

Rapid App Development

Great customer expectations. Getting products and services into market faster. Increasing regulation. Regardless of industry, many organizations are having to do more, and often with less - whether that's time, people or budget. Taking an Agile approach, at both a program or oganizational level, is proven to help business leaders not only deal with these challenges but also to thrive and grow. But achieving the benefits of Agile is more than a methodology - it must be supported by the right leadership, culture, governance and organizational structure.

We have extensive experience in leading successful Agile programs for organizations around the world - including one of the largest United States Department of Defense (DoD) digital transformation efforts. With highly skilled Agile practitioners, we combine Agile techniques with deep knowledge in delivering long-lasting business change.

Configuration Management

Technology probably powers your business. How? The configuration of your systems is critical to your success. Configuration makes your systems work. The servers, networks, operating systems, configuration files and all other building blocks. From technology to processes your business will suffer if proper configuration control isn't part of your DNA.

Configuration Management (CM) ensure the configuration of devices, sysetms, changes is known, good and trusted; and doesn't rely on tacit knowledge in people's heads. Being able to access the status and accurate records of the state of your systems is essential. Not only for project management and audit purposes, but as software becomes part of almost every product, it's development activities such as debugging can also be incorporated.

Anautics builds web applications.

AI Based Applications

Humans are interacting with technology in ways we used to only dream of. Take any science fiction book, and you’ll easily find the parallels with technology that’s now in use today. Advances in AI and automation technology, the digitization of assets and processes, and the proliferation of data are fundamental drivers of change in organizations and society as a whole.

Our experience helping clients tackle their most difficult challenges has demonstrated time and again, that rarely is there a problem that technology alone can solve. The outcome of these changes are not pre-determined by technology. Our actions define the process and results that these incredibly powerful technologies will achieve.

Looking at the combination of changes – in technology, demographics and socio-economic development – the greatest risk we see for organizations is inertia.

Cyber & Digital Trust

From penetration to long-term cultural change and everything in between, our work gives you confidence that your assets are properly protected. We help organizations to build digital trust and cyber resilience, and develop their own cyber security capability.

Here's what we can do:
  • Help you understand the real cyber security risks facing your oganization and establish robust and programatic governance, and the associated management systems, to address those risks
  • Develop security solutions that are right for your organization - from high-level cyber security strategy and tailored security operations centers (SOCs) down to security solutions and controls for managing identity and access
  • Test your technical solutions to find out how resilient they are. If there are vulnerabilities, our team of technical security specialists will find them
  • Respond quickly to cyber incidents to secure your systems, then find the root cause so we can fix it and stop the same thing from happening again
  • Help you build security into your organization's DNA, maximizing protection in a way that just increasing your monitoring and controls doesn't. This includes running cyber 'war games' to find out how ready your business is to respond
  • Provide training and professional development for your security professionals. Our specialists team are leaders in the market
  • Understand and address cyber security risks to industrial control systems.

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We are always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our team. If you're looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you're seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team, then you're perfect for Anautics.

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